Welding classes at the Tarrant County Makerspace

We’ve designed a welding class that targets people that want to learn to weld but are not necessarily interested in welding as a career.  This is a one day, 6 hour crash course that takes you from knowing nothing about welding to having the ability to weld together a small charcoal fired grill that you get to take home at the end of the day.

Getting Started

We’ve put together a series of videos to get you started.  Eventually we will publish our own content but for now we’ve pulled some basic information from the web that is most relevant and helpful.  Please view at least the first video before you come take our crash course.

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Instructor: Aaron Melven – Visionary at the Tarrant County Makerspace.  If you have questions feel free to call me 817-565-2165

What you will learn

1. Welding safety

2. The 3 main welding processes, MIG, Stick and TIG.
3. Metal prep and assembly

**The focus of the class will be on MIG welding (metal inert gas). After you build your grill you can learn stick welding if you are interested as time permits.

Class size limit (3) students

Day & Time: Saturdays / 10 am to 4 PM.  Other times are available upon request.

Dress requirements:
1. Long pants, thick woven cotton, denim is best.
2. Leather boots or shoes, no mesh or open toe shoes.
3. Work shirt

Optional ppg (we provide ppg but bring your own if you have them.)

1. Safety glasses
2. All leather work gloves
3. Welding cap (please bring your own welding cap, this is optional but highly recommended) 
4. Ear plugs
5. Welding helmet

Cost $300 for a single wide grill or $320 for a double wide grill. (See photos)

Past Students


Ian Biggs
Ian Biggs
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I attended the welding class with Aaron. He was a great teacher. He was patient and took the time to really teach about the process of welding. I’m glad I went.
Johnathan Richard
Johnathan Richard
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Aaron was great instructing me on safe welding! Welding together the grill showed me that it really takes practice to become a good welder. Also informed me of advantages/disadvantages of using Argon/CO2 gas vs. flux core welding.
Nathan Gardner
Nathan Gardner
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I took a welding class, friendly environment and a great instructor. Hands on learning at its best.
Divya Elumalai
Divya Elumalai
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Yesterday was a very fun learning experience. I learned the basics of welding (STICK and MIG) and I used my newly acquired skills to make a little personal grill at Fort Worth's newest maker space. Good Fun. Great People.
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I always wanted to try welding…boy what a great experience. Couldn’t have asked for better instructor in Aaron. So worth it. Can’t recommend this enough.

Double wide grill $320

Single wide grill $300

Schedule a class

Product Order Form (#7)

All requested dates are tentative until confirmed.  Call or email the Tarrant County Makerspace to confirm your requested date. 



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