3D Printers and classes for sale at the Makerspace

Kingroon KP3s

The Kingroon KP3s is a great entry level printer.  If you know knothing about 3D printing but want to get your feet wet we recommend the KP3s.  It’s easy to set up and maintain.

Printer spects

  • Direct drive extruder.
  • TMC2225 stepper driver for quiet print. 
  • Removable magnetic print surface.
  • 8-language control screen. 
  • Linear rails X-axis and Y-axis. 
  • 180*180*180mm compact print size. 
  • 95% pre-assembly for quick installation.

Package Deal

  • 1 KP3s
  • 2 rolls of filament
  • Class on how to use it



Kingroon KP5

The Kingroon KP5 is the printer we recommend for those looking to buy their second printer.  Once you’ve mastered the basics of 3D printing you may want to make bigger prints.  This is the printer for you.

Printer spects

  • Titan direct drive extruder.
  • Double-gear feeding system.
  • TMC2225 quiet stepper driver. 
  • Double axis SGR15 inear rails for X / Y / Z axis. 
  • 32bit mainboard with TMC2225 silent step driver.
  • Dual Z-axis motors on both Z-axis lead screws.
  • Filament detection sensor.
  • All metal frame design. 

Package deal

  • 1 KP5L
  • 2 rolls of filament
  • Class on how to use it


Random printers

We often get printers that come through the door from those interested in trading in their old printer for a new one or don’t have the expertise to repair them.  Sometimes we make the necessary repairs and sometimes we put them up for sale as is. If you are they type of person that likes a challenge call us to see what we have available and lets make a deal.

Call for availability and pricing.